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Flat fee MlS Listing-List home on the MLS for 349. Sell house fast, find buyers

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Liquidizing your Real Estate Portfolio? Too many repairs? Unexpected hardships? Facing foreclosure? Behind on payments? Divorce? Sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that make it difficult at best to handle mortgage payments. Some job markets can turn quickly and suddenly you find out what "Down-Sizing" really means.

Private sellers. Avoid Foreclosure. If you would like to find buyer's who are preapproved and instructing their real estate agent to find them houses like yours, then you will definitely want to list your house in the mls for a small flat fee and offer the selling agent a commission. There are many home selling services out there, but none are better than a licensed Agent working with a preapproved buyer to find a home just like yours. Once your home is listed in the Multiple listing service or MLS, there will be 1000s of buyer's agents who will have access to your home. When the buyer's agent searches for homes for their buyers under their buyer's criteria, your house will come up and the Agent will be able to schedule a showing on your home. You can offer that selling Agent whatever commission you would like. Generally 3% is standard but some people offer 2 or 2.5%. If you offer a bonus, Agents will be more inclined to show your home to their buyers.

Sell your house fast

If you would like to sell your house fast then fill out the form today. Your house will be listed in 1 to two business days for 6 months. your home will Also go to the number 1 most visited Real Estate Website, which is We just need you to send the pictures that you would like to use and a one time charge for 349 which can be paid by credit card or paypal.

Get listed as soon as tomorrow and let the showings begin. If your home is vacant, We recommend you put a lockbox on your home.

As soon as we receive our payment, we can process your home information to make sure it will be placed on the correct MLS for your area. It will take 1 to two business days. Click the buy button below

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